Thursday, December 16, 2010

Must Be Santa!

For my Christmas gift to you this year, I'd like to share a true story from my childhood. Remembering the days when my brothers and I made it our mission to listen for Santa... and my dad made it his mission to catch us peeking!

Turn up your speakers and listen to my Christmas story that I call "Must Be Santa!"



  1. Excellent - both the audio and the advice!

  2. Nicely told story, Scooter!
    Ah, to be a kid at Christmas again!
    Some people tell me I still don't act my age.

    Thanks for sharing!
    Hope you , Mom and all the kids have a happy one!

  3. Thank you, Rick! Kenny Rogers said it best: "Christmas is for kids." Can't wait to see the sparkle in our daughter's eyes.

    Happy Christmas!