Friday, November 26, 2010

The Voice of Santa

A brief visit from Santa–er, Scooter as the Voice of Santa Claus.


  1. Hey Scott, happy ex-turkey day, my friend. Browsing here (should do more often!) wanted to say hello. My impressions online today re: voice overs is that beginners, newbees, just don't 'get it.' The questions are unanswerable for the most part. Immediately show level of person asking and the person just doesn't know enough about our business to talk intelligently. It's like trying to sell houses without any knowledge of real estate. Do you agree? This perplexes me as a teacher...what do we do? As you and I know, it is a fabulous career. We learned it...finally. Yes? All best. Bettye

  2. Happy Thanksgiving weekend, Bettye! I absolutely agree with you. Even my own brother came to me a couple of years ago, and said that classic line, "My friends tell me I have a good voice, and I should do voice-overs." After I reminded him how long I've been working at this, and what he needs to do to see if it is for him, he never brought it up again. Maybe the simple questions we get come from us making it sound easy? ;-)

    Funny you should use the realtor analogy. Earlier this year, Google Alerts sent me a message saying that I (or so I thought it was me) was on a new voice-over site. I clicked the link, and it was another guy named Scott Fortney - a guy I was aware of because his name pops up whenever I check my Google ratings - he's a realtor in Virginia! Apparently, he decided to do voice-overs on the side, so his site pops up sometimes when you search for me. Ugh. Anyway, I thought maybe I'd get a realtor's license, move to his area, and practice real estate "on the side." Haha!

    Thanks for the post, Bettye! Be well.